World Ocean Day 2021

World Ocean Day is a moment for us to celebrate the beauty and bounty of our ocean, and the deep connection that has always existed between humankind and the sea.⠀⠀

The challenges we face are daunting. And yet, as we face them, we can still celebrate, because right now, there is more awareness of the challenges than at any other time in decades. Every day, more and more people count themselves as advocates, learn about what’s needed, and how they can help.

The world’s ocean is vast. Their connections with us are intricate. The issues are complex. But we’re coming together with a simple goal: We must pull off the great balancing act between production and protection.

I am a lover of the ocean. I am a lover of humanity. On World Ocean Day 2021, join me in celebrating the simple truth that guides us all: When the ocean thrives, humanity thrives. ⠀

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