United Nations General Assembly SDG Action Zone

Dive deeper into the Blue Economy with the fastest woman to have sailed around the world.

Dona Bertarelli’s first official engagement in her role as Special Adviser for the Blue Economy for UNCTAD, is to give an SDG Action Zone Reimagine Talk.

Ocean resources must be used in a sustainable and regenerative way. They must drive economic growth and development, supporting livelihoods and jobs – while the health of the ocean and coastal ecosystems must be preserved. Regardless of where we are, our wellbeing depends on a healthy ocean.

Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 14: Live Below Water as a whole will harness the natural value of the ocean in a dynamic, sustainable blue economy that is based on protection, not exploitation, and which benefits all people. 

Dona Bertarelli calls on the public sector to develop regulations and support economic diversification, financial institutions to invest in the blue economy, and consumers, civil society and youth to raise awareness on the issue.