Spindrift for Schools

Spindrift for Schools is an educational programme which Dona Bertarelli launched in 2015 to coincide with the first attempt by Spindrift racing sailing team to beat the Jules Verne Trophy record.

Through her experiences at sea, she wished to share the riches of the natural world with the next generation, and the importance of conserving nature. Spindrift for Schools has developed educational content that meets the requirements of French and Swiss teaching staff.

During off-shore sailing, innovation, technology, resource management, teamwork and respect for the environment are all essential to the survival of a group.

As the team raced around the world on their first record attempt, Dona Bertarelli wrote a series of ‘Out of the Classroom’ blogs from onboard Spindrift 2, especially for schoolchildren, and answered their questions. Off-shore racing lends itself well to addressing subjects such as the environment, ocean protection, sporting values, and science, as well as arts, and community life, all of which relate to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Using sailing to connect with education and raise environmental awareness, Spindrift for Schools’ original teaching materials are provided by theme, typology, school year and match the school curricula. A Jules Verne Trophy adventure book and detailed lesson plans have successively been complemented by worksheets, videos and tutorials.

Spindrift for Schools is supported by the Services Départementaux de l’Education Nationale du Morbihan (DSDEN56) in France, and is part of national educational events such as the Fête de la Science (Science Festival), offers temporary exhibitions, and offers workshops in classrooms and sailing clubs.