Sails of Change

Sails of Change is dedicated to the protection and regeneration of biodiversity, created by Dona Bertarelli, her husband Yann Guichard and her children. Informed by science, the founders believe in engaging with stakeholders at many levels to raise environmental awareness and promote positive change, from advocating at a policy level to connecting with a wide public through education, sports and art.

Inspired by the beauty of nature and its biodiversity, Sails of Change shines a light on the importance of ensuring a sustainable balance between nature and people.

Sails of Change’s activities are structured around three pillars (Inspire – Unite – Change) which focus on a first, common goal: to fully or highly protect 30% of global ocean and land by 2030.

Inspire. Each of us has the power to protect nature. Climate change, pollution, biodiversity loss and habitat destruction might seem overwhelming, but they all link back to human activity. By changing our individual behaviour, we make a positive contribution. Sails of Change works to inspire people and organisations to act for the environment, helping them to identify practical opportunities to become nature-positive.

Unite. We are all in this together. Individuals and organisations around the world are increasingly conscious of their impact on the environment, and the need to protect and preserve nature. However, they are often unclear about how to turn good intentions into concrete actions. Sails of Change brings together sport and art stakeholders, provides a platform for knowledge exchange, identifies and amplifies solutions, and forms a community of peers who learn from, and progress with, each other.

Change. Sails of Change seeks to influence policy-makers and decision-makers to take strong decisions to protect the environment. Just as importantly, we work with partners to deliver ground-level programmes to regenerate ecosystems, and we support people and organisations to take practical steps to protect and preserve nature.