Sails of Change

Sails of Change has been created by Yann Guichard, Dona Beratelli and her children. Their love and respect for nature in all its forms, on land, on and in the ocean, makes them passionate about engaging everyone in protecting and restoring nature.

Inspired by the beauty of nature and its biodiversity, Sails of Change is a platform which shines a light on the importance of ensuring a sustainable balance between nature and people.

We know that healthy natural environments are the life force for humanity and our planet. Sails of change aims to amplify conservation actions worldwide, and restore balance in the relationship between humans and the natural world. There are many great ideas out there, and Sails of Change focuses its attention on four areas, Protect, Restore, Learn and Commit.

Protect is all about promoting efforts towards safeguarding ecosystems that are still healthy, so they stay that way. It’s also about protecting natural habitats which have been impacted by humans, so they have time and space to recover. Under Restore, Sails of Change will focus on the vital work that is being carried out by many NGOs, local communities and indigenous people.

By learning about the wonders of nature people and youth will want to preserve nature in turn and be actors of change. With support from Spindrift for Schools, and from other partners, Sails of Change will share educational resources and help promote environmental awareness. Finally, to ensure the vital balance between nature and people, commitment is needed at every level, from governments, NGOs, businesses, communities, and the wider public.

Sails of Change hopes to catalyse change to achieve meaningful protection and restoration of nature, by raising awareness about ideas, projects and actions which can help, and by working with others. Sails of Change is adding its voice to the growing call for strong protection of at least 30% of land and ocean by 2030. Spindrift, the founders’ professional sailing team, will carry the #30×30 message as the team takes part in sailing events and races around the world.