Global Fishing Watch Marine Manager

Dona Bertarelli and Global Fishing Watch have partnered to develop Global Fishing Watch Marine Manager, a technology portal that provides dynamic and interactive data on ocean conditions, biology and human-use activity in near real-time to support marine spatial planning, marine protected area design and management, and scientific research. Dona’s vision in creating Marine Manager was to ensure robust and science-based management to fully realize the vital contribution of protected areas, and with time, monitor the quality, efficiency and impact of those protections on the long term.

Marine protected areas are critical to help the ocean regenerate and build resilience against climate change and other threats. I have partnered with Global Fishing Watch to create a new, collaborative portal that will support the decision-making, management and monitoring of marine reserves, as well as advance ocean research through innovative technology and clear, actionable, open data.

Marine protected areas are an essential tool in the recovery and protection of our ocean and the essential services it provides. They help sustain biodiversity in the face of rising water temperatures and ocean acidification, and help create safe havens for fish populations to replenish. But management is often hampered by inadequate information to support decision-making.

  • Human-use data includes commercial fishing activity and non-fishing vessel activity, offshore oil drilling, seabed mining, cargo transportation and fuel supply.
  • Oceanographic data includes currents, bathymetry and seamounts, as well as salinity and sea surface temperature data to understand climate change impacts over time.
  • Biological and ecological data can be used to analyze primary biological productivity, such as chlorophyll, and can help predict species habitat suitability.
  • Maritime zoning data includes the boundaries of marine protected areas, exclusive economic zones and fishing grounds.